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Cover Music

"Katie Elle thrills with an incredible and powerful voice"

BRADLEY STORER, 2016- Theatre Press

"Girls just wanna have fun" Live solo recording, 2018

"Wedding Medley" Live solo recording, 2019

"Make you feel my love" Live solo recording, 2019

Soirée band promo, 2016

"Cheap wine" Live solo recording, 2018

"Buses and trains"- live studio recording with Brendan Biddle

Live duo recording, 2018 with Chris jackson

It's too late, Live solo recording, 2019

"Girls just wanna have fun" - Live solo recording, 2018

Katie Elle Vocal Reel, 2018

"Fly me to the moon"- Studio recording with  Kitty and the Tomcats , 2017

Soirée band promo, 2016

Live on The Voice Australia, 2013

Live with Soirée, 2017. Click through to 2m45s

"Turn me Loose"- Live on stage with the Katie Elle Band, 2012

"Stupid Cupid"- In studio with Kitty and the Tomcats, 2017

Special Christmas recording, 2016

Live on stage with Little Egypt's Speakeasy, 2017

Live with American Roadtrip show, 2015

"Madonna mixup"- live on stage with Ryan Gonzalez at Madonna-Show off, 2016

Live with Soirée at One fine Day Wedding Fair, 2016

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